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September 9, 2010

I’m really curious to know what you guys think of different art and fashion schools. I’ve set my heart on UCA at the moment to do fashion styling, with a focus on photography and illustration and all this other stuff.

I’ve never really been an artist when it comes to drawing and fashion illustration, but I gave it a go in the midst of Cafe Nero after Stella left me today, and here’s what I came up with.

So here was my first stab at fashion illustration, it may not be Georgina Howell, but it’s one step closer to the 20 pieces I have to prepare for my portfolio! At the moment I’m focussing on weather so I’m looking at the concepts of rust, erosion and clouds in photography and fashion. So needless to say I’m enjoying it 😀

Sophie Ryan is not a whore



Like a virgin – taken out for the very first time.

September 9, 2010

Mad photography skillllz of Petit Monstres and her new uni friends Michelle from HK and Rowan from Wales.

We, along with the fabulous Kat Hardy went along to Fashion’s Night Out to see what there was on display. Lovely free drinks it turns out, in addition to hidden gems that we usually wouldn’t of checked out!

YES THAT IS ME WITH HALF OF JEDWARD. I’m not too sure which half though… Edward maybe? I don’t know…. Highlight of the night for the misconcepted delusionalist 13 year old inside of me no doubt. They were actually rather lovely chaps, although I had my eye on the manager to be honest, he is DISHY, plus the Irish accent does just add oodles of sex. That we all know.

Also witness my mad photo skillz here. River Island was an amazing hit all night, free martinis, a free photobooth (with practically no queue) and those annoying but charming Irish lads. Me and Katherine Hardy checked out the photobooth and all of the snazz that it had to offer. I realised how retarded I am with a drink in my hand, oh joy.

Next was Liberty. We were too late to enter for the amazing win everything in the window contest. But it was an amazing night! The circus bar, which I am now convinced I must visit as it was paraded by these ladies!

The bar were offering a Manolo Mojito, a Fashion Havana and a Liberty Punch all for free with a maximum of two drinks each. But those two mojitos were amazing! So strong yet so good and fully worth the £8.50 they usually cost, but I just so happened to get them for free!

Drinkers were then free to walk around the store shopping and viewing the collections. (makes me understand why there was a limit of two with that alcohol percentage, God help anyone who poured theirs…) So here are my faves of what Liberty Womenswear had to offer!


Just a typical Wednesday night?

September 7, 2010

Don’t be so foolish, anyone that is worth their salt is preparing for Fashion’s Night Out! A night throughout my favourite city of Landan (and in many others across the world) organised by Vogue where fashion lovers get free things and to elbow with celebrities.

Amouage – New discoveries of their brand spanking new boutique, an expert will tell you what perfume suits you best, complimentary champagne and a luxurious free gift!

American Apparel – Discounts and free factory giveaways? I LIKE THIS A LOT

Anna Hindmarch will be letting you pose for her photographer and the one who does the best pose shall win the bag they posed with!

Aquascutum – Bombay Bicycle Club are DJing live, Oysters and Wine from Bentleys Bar, a specialist Tote for £10, and a prize draw for dinner for 2 at Bentley’s Bar!

Banana Republic – Canapes, Champagne, DJing, mini manicures and totes? So glad they came to The UK!

Brora – Complimentary Champagne, and a make up artist giving me my pallet? Scottish do it best apparently.

Chloe – 3d set photos and a professional photographer to take your photo, and an auction of vintage Chloe jeans!

Christian Louboutin – GOODIE BAGS and chocolate mmmm fat.

Coast – Free Champagne, cupcakes handed out, perfect lingerie, free round of Opi polish, mini hair and make up sessions!

Daks – Prize draw for£500 spending money at Daks and tickets for LFW! Champagne, goodie bags and a DJ!

DKNY – Shopping, cocktails and performance from The New Young Pony Club!

Debenhams – Free Urban Decay tattoo when you buy any product! Red carpet, and DJ in the window.

Gagosian Gallery – Free Art Exhibition by Rachel Whiteread and all drinks provided by C London!

Gap – Cocktails and canapes served, photobooth photographing you in Gap denim with photos available to be taken away on the night!

Hugo Boss – Complimentary Massages and manicures!

Harvey Nichols – Meet Christopher Kane, Erdem, Jonathan Saunders, Markus Lupfer and Vogue’s More Dash Than Cash editor – Emma Elwick Bates will be at the Customised Tshirt booth to meet you!

Henri Lloyd – Free drinks ALL NIGHT, an acoustic set from Lucy Hope and shopping!

Hoss Intropia – Complimentary Drinks Bar and heavy discounts!

House of Fraser – Daisy Lowe launching the new BIBA collection for which she models, Molton Brown give you free hand and arm massages, Lou Hayler from The New Young Pony Club is on the decks! Free wonderbra fitting for two cups inscrease! :O

John Rocha – Although no freebies here, I might just go to the party for the mere attendance of John and his wife, Odette!

John Smedley – Meet Marnie Fobb!! The author of Vintage Knitwear! Guests also recieve an original knitted lavender bag with every purchase!

Juicy Couture – Pixie Lott to host the night!! Sophie Ellis Bextor and Ben Grimes DJing?! Juicy are top of the music events of the evening for sure.

LK Bennett – They have chosen FNO to hold the first open casting for the new face of LK Bennett. Styling, shopping, gifts with every purchase and photos by Huw Garratt are going to make a memorable evening!

Laura Ashley – is probably the biggest must stop by for me. Expert cup cakes master class to teach you how to make them like a pro! And then letting you take your creation home in a box! Also champagne and goodie bags!

Manolo Blahnik – Moet Champagne, Chocolate, a first look at Manolo’s drawing book and meet the man himself!

Marc by Marc Jacobs – A BANG photographer to capture you, and 200 Marc Jacobs tshirts for the first 200 customers! I’ll be there to grab myself a tshirt!

Moschino – Now for me I am always writing and scribbling, which is why I was delighted to hear about the special edition notebook that they are offering. I’ll deffo be getting one!

Mulberry – are bringing the party with giant leopards, karaoke, face painting! Also with FNO tshirts and a draw for tickets to LFW at Claridges!

Nicole Farhi return to their roots with French Underground Singer Bluey Robinson performing Pop and Soul and complimentary crepes in addition to a tumbler of wine!

Ollie and Nic – DESIGN A BAG. They are providing everything you need to design a bag to be in their 2011 collection with the theme Vintage Summer! As well as £150 vouchers that would not be un loved.

River Island – Free makeovers from Bourjois, manicures from Models Own and catwalk hair from Toni and Guy! And of course a complimentary cocktail bar and photobooth!

Reiss – Free cocktails, free blow dries, photobooth and DJs!

And that is it, my event planner for the evening that I’ll be spending with Katherine Hardy and Vanessa Omeregie! My sister has also recommended Gap to me (she’s the visual merchandiser and manager there) and said their evening is going to be tres fun and exciting!

So I hope to see you there !

Sophie Ryan is not a whore


Youtube of the month?

September 7, 2010

I’ve been on a bit of a music youtube hype this week

I’ve discovered Megan Nicole, who’s totally one of my new fave faces of the internet at the moment. She sort of reminds me of a talented version of Vanessa Hudgens (minus the annoying qualities)

She’s also in this nothing less than amazingly better than the original version of ‘Love The Way You Lie’ so step over Rihanna and Eminem who have been astoundedly beaten by this youtube trio.

The Tyler who hosts the duet is slightly obsessed with Taylor Swift (He has been known to write spare of the moment songs about all of her songs) but is an amazing acoustic singer with bags of talent and originality.

Check these bitches out


September 3, 2010

Okay so I know that nineteen isn’t old. like seventy nine would be old, and there are sixty more years before that happens (I can still count, this is a good thing) Although I discovered that I am unable to pivot my hand in a SHAKATTAK way (It’s a Reading fest joke apparently) which caused my boyfriend to say “Er Sophie, are you retarded?”. But yes it was my birthday! The first day was lovely, I spent it all with Ed (aka retard boy) and we went for dinner with my fam.

Thursday was Bar Social, this awesome bar in CJ, the walls were pretty and felt like fuzzy felt, and really that’s all you need from life isn’t it? All walls should either feel like fuzzy felt or be the cool lickable ones in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.

I sported a fuchsia Lipsy dress with a halterneck and crossed strap finish, the Susie Bubble Heels I blogged about a couple of weeks ago and a Blair Waldorf – esque white lace head band.

me not looking entirely photogenic with a lethal cocktail of Rum Absinthe and Raspberry oh yum. Style blogger Petit Monstres and I!

Lilleh Clifford ( I wish I wasn’t so fail at doing make up next to her! She’s amazing at it!)

“So you’re a fashion student?!”

“Yeah omg I love it! What do you do?”

“Err I study biology at UCL…..”

Gaby and Vanessa!

Sorcha with her special smile! And Lizzie’s amazing hair. Haha my friends are actually awesome at hair and make up whereas I am lazy and I fail.

PRETTY ALCOHOLS!! And birthday shots ftw!

But I’m actually finding it really depressing as I am getting old and actually have to have a life plan and shit like that now, oh dear. Whilst my boyfriend is loving “having a 19 year old girlfriend” I am hating it and want to be 13 again? Someone make that happen please? K Thanks!

Sophie Ryan is not a whore

(But was maybe too drunk last night)

Corrine’s Days.

September 2, 2010

I really am drawn back to this photo when asked to summarise the work of Corinne Day. After all, it was the one that made her career, photographing the then unknown 16 year old model and full time Croydon girl, Kate Moss. The picture became significant for her career as it launched her in a whole new direction and started to form a lifelong friendship between Kate and Corinne until the pair reunited artistically when she shot her again for Vogue in 1993.

Corinne became famous for forming long lasting and real relationships with her clients, and that was thought to give her work a rough edge, documentary feel, in comparison to the plasticised work of other fashion photographers.

But most famous of all, will be Kate, who’s face established and helped to define and inspire her career.

Corinne passed away last week peacefully after a long fight with Brain Cancer, but although she is gone, she shall never be forgotten when her real and documentary toned photography that was accredited to her self taught photography techniques practically epitomised and revolutionised fashion photography of the 90s. We love you Corinne.

Sophie Ryan is not a whore


Why LC is the talk of the town?

August 31, 2010

So if you don’t know who LC, Lauren Conrad is, then get off my blog, like really. No please don’t I LOVE TRAFFIC 😀 but google her or some shit, she’s crazy awesome. The star of MTV shows: Laguna Beach and The Hills, she’s an actress (well reality star, but who knows what’s real and what isn’t in The Hills, esp the later seasons, an author of a best selling trilogy LA Candy, a fashion designer of her own range for Kohls, and gives amazing advice as we saw in over 8 seasons of her MTV wisdom to Lo, Audrina and Heidi.

But with her leaving The Hills around the end of 2008, the reason that she is the talk of the town NOW, leads back to Kohl’s tweet yesterday. Her brand new skirt first of the upcoming LC for Kohl line became available, and is flying crazy off the shelves, I’ll be lucky to get one shipped over to me at this rate (and I really really really want one.) Not just because I’ve been a crazy Hills and Laguna fan since like 03, but because it’s so cute and versatile.

The black skirt gives off a just got out of my nightmare before christmas don’t I look cool?! vibe enticing the whole minimalist gothic look that has been around loads lately and we can only expect to see more of at London Fashion Week. Here modelled by LC herself, it’s floaty yet sturdy without being bunchy, which from experience is a hard way to manipulate what is basically the material of a tutu, GCSE textiles was a hard task, let me tell you. The pink really reminds me of something out of Whitney Port’s latest collection (who knows maybe LC has been looking to The City for inspiration) from her fairyland tea party shoot for the lookbook. It gives a floaty and dreamy tone to it and if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere like LA where it’s basically summer all year round, then that is definitely the one to get. Whereas in London we are lucky to get one day of moderate sun, so black and down in the dumps for me I think. But still, it’s a cute skirt.


Sophie Ryan is not a whore