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Whatsa been happening.

October 9, 2010

Since I’ve been such a fail lately, my mid season resolution is to blog more. Also not to drink half full mojitos the next morning at some sordid attempt at ‘breakfast’ it is NOT a good idea. So last night was lovely, Eddie bear took me out to Strada in clapham for our 6 months, haha the lamest attempt at an anniversary that has possibly ever existed. But it was a nice evening.

Eddie got the margherita and I got a Speck, while we had a non alcoholic (sorry £70 bottles of wine, I would of loved you) feste of cokes and lemonade, but of course immediately after, we ran to Sainsburys to buy some Superior Dark Rum (a whole 80p more than the basics version aha) and make our own mojitos!  Something I shall also be doing tonight at Ashwin’s 18th party!

So what else has been going on? Right okay well working, I now actually have money in my bank account for the first time in forever, so a lot of shopping has been happening! Which if you know me at all, is very good. According to my boyfriend, I’ve been throwing drunken strops on a regular basis, but I don’t know if I would call that a surprise…

Today is my little brother’s birthday! He is 11! I made him a lovely plate of brownies which I shall photograph and put up later (if he hasn’t eaten them all yet!) I’ve also been planning my trip to Dublin, I shall be going over next month to stay with my oh so cool cousin, Shelly. So let me know if any of you are in Dublin 🙂 I reckon I need to cheer myself up with a mini holiday after not having enough money to go to Paris Fashion Week!

Okay well I should be off to help out with festivities but I shall blog later about this evening.

Love you all xo

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