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Baroque and Roll

September 28, 2010

Something noticed from the catwalks last week was a raging raise in the amount of artistic influence in historical art work. Now of course it’s common knowledge that fashion is inspired by art (much to the disbelief and and persistence of my boyfriend) but it’s never really been a case of one period of art over showing every design concept on the catwalks.

Baroque artwork was prevalent from the 17th to 18th centuries throughout Europe and now from New York to London has splashed back. It’s known for it’s use of exaggerated colour and texture to show emotion, when it’s seen in a fashion context it looks a lot more like it belongs in a painting or a museum rather than the downtown streets where most of the recent contemporary fashion is being seen (thanks for that, Satorialist).

From opulent brocade jackets, to jewel encrusted velvet dresses and breast enhancing bodices, baroque was seen in just about every fashion form, and it’s definitely not going to disappear. With the economy making a boost back to normal, perhaps elegance is back and it’s goodbye to the tin foil and plastic that was becoming such a pattern on the runway.

The only foreseeable problem, from a fashion context, remains the inevitable theatricality of the nature of the clothes, how to look more ready to wear, and less like you have escaped from the dressing room of The Old Vic in Waterloo.  However Balmain revealed the answer with shifted skinny faded jeans and jewel encrusted blazers. One of my favourite shows from last week. Hope you are all good! I shall be uploading some of the latest style pics later on today.

Sophie xo

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  1. September 28, 2010 5:48 pm

    Love the dress in the third pic x

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