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September 22, 2010

So I have not been the troopiest of troopers this past week when it comes to blogging, in fact I have been horrid. But now everyone is settling down from viewing those crazy collections and decided to do something sensible like watch Gossip Girl (I hope everyone is keeping up to date via megavideo – Oh my goodness, Chuck bring that girl to NYC what the hell?!) Anyway I have found myself suffering from an extreme case of fashion fatigue!  Do you? Here is my diagnosis of symptoms:

Extreme shoulder pain from luggings cloth bags of paper adverts,  leaflets, vitamin water,, free samples and magazines!

You begin to wave your receipt of your Sainsburys Shopping at the Customer Service Lady in the manner that you would wave your ticket at the PR of a show you’re attending.

You over analyse your outfit continually. IN YOUR SLEEP ON A MONDAY NIGHT.

You eat so many cupcakes and consume so many glasses of champagne that you become drunk and fat at the same time.

Your eyes sting with hangover of champagne and a combination of London air, lack of sleep and too many cupcakes.

You begin crying in public upon the realisation your jacket and shoes don’t match (yes I actually did this at JW Anderson)

Your impractical choice of footwear results in a foot that throbs harder than my lust for Colin Firth.

Your life feels empty without pounding techno music.

So this week I’ve been jamming with Betty Jackson, JW Anderson, Acne, Louise Gray, Cooperative Deigns and too many cocktail parties to mention. WHILST dealing with my non existant birthday present from my boyfriend that is almost a month overdue, discovering the joys of old school 90210 and watching the new glee! I’ll be uploading pictures of my travels soon! along with those of my revamped bedroom and some reviews of my favourites of the week and some university discussions. LOTS for you to look forward to! Also I shall soon be changing my domain name but I shall let you all know where to find my blog.

Lots of Love


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