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Like a virgin – taken out for the very first time.

September 9, 2010

Mad photography skillllz of Petit Monstres and her new uni friends Michelle from HK and Rowan from Wales.

We, along with the fabulous Kat Hardy went along to Fashion’s Night Out to see what there was on display. Lovely free drinks it turns out, in addition to hidden gems that we usually wouldn’t of checked out!

YES THAT IS ME WITH HALF OF JEDWARD. I’m not too sure which half though… Edward maybe? I don’t know…. Highlight of the night for the misconcepted delusionalist 13 year old inside of me no doubt. They were actually rather lovely chaps, although I had my eye on the manager to be honest, he is DISHY, plus the Irish accent does just add oodles of sex. That we all know.

Also witness my mad photo skillz here. River Island was an amazing hit all night, free martinis, a free photobooth (with practically no queue) and those annoying but charming Irish lads. Me and Katherine Hardy checked out the photobooth and all of the snazz that it had to offer. I realised how retarded I am with a drink in my hand, oh joy.

Next was Liberty. We were too late to enter for the amazing win everything in the window contest. But it was an amazing night! The circus bar, which I am now convinced I must visit as it was paraded by these ladies!

The bar were offering a Manolo Mojito, a Fashion Havana and a Liberty Punch all for free with a maximum of two drinks each. But those two mojitos were amazing! So strong yet so good and fully worth the £8.50 they usually cost, but I just so happened to get them for free!

Drinkers were then free to walk around the store shopping and viewing the collections. (makes me understand why there was a limit of two with that alcohol percentage, God help anyone who poured theirs…) So here are my faves of what Liberty Womenswear had to offer!


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