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September 3, 2010

Okay so I know that nineteen isn’t old. like seventy nine would be old, and there are sixty more years before that happens (I can still count, this is a good thing) Although I discovered that I am unable to pivot my hand in a SHAKATTAK way (It’s a Reading fest joke apparently) which caused my boyfriend to say “Er Sophie, are you retarded?”. But yes it was my birthday! The first day was lovely, I spent it all with Ed (aka retard boy) and we went for dinner with my fam.

Thursday was Bar Social, this awesome bar in CJ, the walls were pretty and felt like fuzzy felt, and really that’s all you need from life isn’t it? All walls should either feel like fuzzy felt or be the cool lickable ones in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.

I sported a fuchsia Lipsy dress with a halterneck and crossed strap finish, the Susie Bubble Heels I blogged about a couple of weeks ago and a Blair Waldorf – esque white lace head band.

me not looking entirely photogenic with a lethal cocktail of Rum Absinthe and Raspberry oh yum. Style blogger Petit Monstres and I!

Lilleh Clifford ( I wish I wasn’t so fail at doing make up next to her! She’s amazing at it!)

“So you’re a fashion student?!”

“Yeah omg I love it! What do you do?”

“Err I study biology at UCL…..”

Gaby and Vanessa!

Sorcha with her special smile! And Lizzie’s amazing hair. Haha my friends are actually awesome at hair and make up whereas I am lazy and I fail.

PRETTY ALCOHOLS!! And birthday shots ftw!

But I’m actually finding it really depressing as I am getting old and actually have to have a life plan and shit like that now, oh dear. Whilst my boyfriend is loving “having a 19 year old girlfriend” I am hating it and want to be 13 again? Someone make that happen please? K Thanks!

Sophie Ryan is not a whore

(But was maybe too drunk last night)

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