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Corrine’s Days.

September 2, 2010

I really am drawn back to this photo when asked to summarise the work of Corinne Day. After all, it was the one that made her career, photographing the then unknown 16 year old model and full time Croydon girl, Kate Moss. The picture became significant for her career as it launched her in a whole new direction and started to form a lifelong friendship between Kate and Corinne until the pair reunited artistically when she shot her again for Vogue in 1993.

Corinne became famous for forming long lasting and real relationships with her clients, and that was thought to give her work a rough edge, documentary feel, in comparison to the plasticised work of other fashion photographers.

But most famous of all, will be Kate, who’s face established and helped to define and inspire her career.

Corinne passed away last week peacefully after a long fight with Brain Cancer, but although she is gone, she shall never be forgotten when her real and documentary toned photography that was accredited to her self taught photography techniques practically epitomised and revolutionised fashion photography of the 90s. We love you Corinne.

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