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Why LC is the talk of the town?

August 31, 2010

So if you don’t know who LC, Lauren Conrad is, then get off my blog, like really. No please don’t I LOVE TRAFFIC 😀 but google her or some shit, she’s crazy awesome. The star of MTV shows: Laguna Beach and The Hills, she’s an actress (well reality star, but who knows what’s real and what isn’t in The Hills, esp the later seasons, an author of a best selling trilogy LA Candy, a fashion designer of her own range for Kohls, and gives amazing advice as we saw in over 8 seasons of her MTV wisdom to Lo, Audrina and Heidi.

But with her leaving The Hills around the end of 2008, the reason that she is the talk of the town NOW, leads back to Kohl’s tweet yesterday. Her brand new skirt first of the upcoming LC for Kohl line became available, and is flying crazy off the shelves, I’ll be lucky to get one shipped over to me at this rate (and I really really really want one.) Not just because I’ve been a crazy Hills and Laguna fan since like 03, but because it’s so cute and versatile.

The black skirt gives off a just got out of my nightmare before christmas don’t I look cool?! vibe enticing the whole minimalist gothic look that has been around loads lately and we can only expect to see more of at London Fashion Week. Here modelled by LC herself, it’s floaty yet sturdy without being bunchy, which from experience is a hard way to manipulate what is basically the material of a tutu, GCSE textiles was a hard task, let me tell you. The pink really reminds me of something out of Whitney Port’s latest collection (who knows maybe LC has been looking to The City for inspiration) from her fairyland tea party shoot for the lookbook. It gives a floaty and dreamy tone to it and if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere like LA where it’s basically summer all year round, then that is definitely the one to get. Whereas in London we are lucky to get one day of moderate sun, so black and down in the dumps for me I think. But still, it’s a cute skirt.


Sophie Ryan is not a whore


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  1. September 3, 2010 2:17 pm

    Big fan of LC’s wardrobe, and The Hills were worth watching just to get a glimpse of yet another perfectly put together ensemble. Haven’t seen her for a while so thanks for sharing!

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