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What the fuck, Tom Ford?

August 26, 2010

It’s been the longest day ever ever ever in the history of the world. Okay so I wasn’t in until 11, which was nice because I got an extra hour of sleep. I was actually in bed before 11pm, a result of the drunken nights  which preceded this one. So today I was on the phones desperately trying to find an alcohol sponsor, but negative as of yet! Eeeek!

I got to leave at 1:40pm with a pit stop off at the Kings Road to drop off a sweater to Tom Ford. An easy task right? Oh my goodness it was raining horrifically, and I walked the kings and road from head to toe (yes from battersea park to sloane square, over three hundred doors about four times) I think my feet are about to fall off….

I was at the verge of tears and having a break down on the Kings Road, it would of involved screaming, crying and shouting at some rather timid looking Swedish tourists, so I’m glad it didn’t come to that! But with the help of my dreaded mother, and no thanks to Blackberry Maps, Google and 118 118, I found it! Walked in on a meeting to the new collection (which looks beyond beautiful) and handed in the sweater, but amongst my horror, I did find a chance to sneak it on. It’s menswear of course, but so so so beautiful that I wanted to keep it forever, oh dear I’m the cheekiest intern ever.

I’m in love…. it’s too bad I’m poor.

Sophie Ryan is not a whore


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