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August 25, 2010

Okay so I feel like I’ve been quite lacking since sunday? But in my defence I have been rather busy! Okay so monday, all arguments came to an end and I had a lovely night out, however it’s possible that we got a little crazy.

I left Ed’s very early in the morning after an evening of Trigger Happy TV, fuck I love that dude, for my very first day of work at 7th Man Magazine!

It’s a new magazine, a bi-annual one with the second issue about to be under wraps. It examines high male fashion from a modern perspective and very much promotes those luxury brands, but from a male perspective, which hasn’t really be done specifically before.

I’m the PR and marketing intern, so I’m making phonecalls, answering emails, and planning an A list party which I’m compiling goodie bags for! Hello Vivienne Westwood, Lyle and Scott sweaters, Devine Chocolates, Hom boxers and some more oh so amazing things – why aren’t I a boy!?

But my first day was incredibly tiring! I was rushed all over London! First to Brick Lane to deliver some samples that we used in a photoshoot  from All Saints. But the bag was one of those giant ones with rigid plastic handles and it was so heavy that I couldn’t come up with a way to carry it so I’m covered in bruises and cuts, oh dear. And then off to Regent Street to deliver some ones that were mailed to us by mistake grr.

Last night was Erin’s sixteenth! Aw she’s such a baby! But a lovely one 🙂 I just feel old haha.

But my dear friend / photographer Eloise Hindle did score some lovely old photos for us.

I realllllly love this photo, it has this little girl lost quality to it? It really reminds me of those Marc Jacobs photoshoots that sort of bordered on an uncomfortable paedophilia? Not that this is Dakota Fanning and Marc Jacobs is a paedo, which he isn’t. This is actually Sophie Coppin.

Well that’s not… that is Dakota… Okay let’s move on.

I also really like this one, no effects used, it kind of has this techno 90s dazed and confused tone to it, that reminds me of the film the beach? It had this epic scene where everything is filmed like this in some Taiwan club. Although I wasn’t in Taiwan… I was in Penge. Oh well.

My second day at work was much more relaxed! I just sat and emailed and researched alcohol sponsors. If you own an alcohol company PLEASE GIVE ME AN EMAIL. WE NEED YOU! 🙂 And now I’m off but I’ll give you guys an update laterrrr.

Sophie Ryan is not a whore.


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