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Oh my lord.

August 21, 2010

It is times like these, having a completely innocent evening binge on instead of the obvious babysitting that I am supposed to be doing and contemplating on whether relationships are really worth it. but oh well that’s life, and they probably are?

Anyway I found these pictures of Jordan/Katie Price/Why is she even famous does anyone know? And let’s just say my stomach crawled.

I can’t quite decide whether she is trying to be so fluorescently silver that a spaceship identifies her and takes her to her home planet of washed up, slutty and full of ¬†silicone injected beasts much like herself, or whether she has simply seen a picture of Lady Gaga, thought “Hey that doesn’t look too hard! And look how many magazines this chick is in” and made such a sordid attempt at it that her punishment might as well be death.

So let’s start at the top and work our way down shall we?

Firstly the ipods, I have no idea what the placement of five differently coloured ipods at the crown of your forehead is supposed to do, or the ‘fashion’ effect that it is supposed to (but thankfully doesn’t) have, but she is not managing to do it well. I mean for christ sake she has an ipod shuffle on her ear as an earring! It’s not a move of sanity. As for the breasts, which are easily outsizing her head now by the way, they are very much NOT complimented by her silver catsuit with pink harts and tassles, as for the shoes, well I can’t quite tell where they begin and where the catsuit ends. I’m genuinely confounded and disgusted.

I love you.


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