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A start to a newer blog.

August 20, 2010

Hello wordpress!

Okay so I’m usually a tumblr but I was getting tired of my blog purely being a pattern of non sense making photos that have nothing to do with anything, so I’ve decided to get a wordpress so I can actually do what I started a blog to do in the first place, write.

So some things about me? Well I’m a bit fashion and art obsessed, I’ve been told I’m very opinionated about relationships and life in general. My name is Sophie and yes you guessed it, I am not a whore. I live in London and it’s pretty sick.

My favourite club is Punk in Tottenham Court Road, it’s shiny and plays pretty music, that’s all a place needs to be.

My favourite place is Chelsea, not for the shops or the people, but because the streets are really pretty and there is no gum anywhere. I mean gum is totally gross, people who chew it constantly and loudly should just die.

It’s really annoying that people wear socks and heels. What the fuck is up with that? It makes me so angry that I might blog about it later….

Anyway I hope you can eventually come to love my rants and realise that I am NOT crazy I promise you…well sort of. I did buy my boyfriend some fairy dust yesterday but he didn’t appreciate it and thought I was crazy. Oh dear.

I love you

Sophie Ryan is not a Whore.


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