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A new kind of America?

August 20, 2010

Okay so England and America have always had their similarities, music, coffee, the occasional incessantly annoying talent contest that insists on being televised for some unknown reason. I’ve let it slide, watched more and more white picket fences sprouting up around England, seen the “American Idol/Britains Got Talent/The what the fuck factor” (I mean let’s be honest, they are all the same condensed and commercialised show)

Now I think the fashion blogger yard sale is a brilliant idea. I’m in love with the blogs of the ones hosting it, and getting some of the things we’ve seen blogged about through our blackberries with avid eyes over the past few years for a discounted price sounds amazing. But hating to bring this to the public’s attention and seem like I’m being picky but when was the last time you heard someone English refer to their garden as their yard?

Why isn’t it a jumble sale? A car boot sale? A garden sale? A second hand sale? A look how cool and British I am PLEASE BUY MY THINGS sale? Please don’t let the bloggosphere turn into one more brilliantly British thing that has been gobbled up by the tarnished American English that we’ve all come to deal with.

I love you.

Sophie Ryan is not a Whore.


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