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Whatsa been happening.

October 9, 2010

Since I’ve been such a fail lately, my mid season resolution is to blog more. Also not to drink half full mojitos the next morning at some sordid attempt at ‘breakfast’ it is NOT a good idea. So last night was lovely, Eddie bear took me out to Strada in clapham for our 6 months, haha the lamest attempt at an anniversary that has possibly ever existed. But it was a nice evening.

Eddie got the margherita and I got a Speck, while we had a non alcoholic (sorry £70 bottles of wine, I would of loved you) feste of cokes and lemonade, but of course immediately after, we ran to Sainsburys to buy some Superior Dark Rum (a whole 80p more than the basics version aha) and make our own mojitos!  Something I shall also be doing tonight at Ashwin’s 18th party!

So what else has been going on? Right okay well working, I now actually have money in my bank account for the first time in forever, so a lot of shopping has been happening! Which if you know me at all, is very good. According to my boyfriend, I’ve been throwing drunken strops on a regular basis, but I don’t know if I would call that a surprise…

Today is my little brother’s birthday! He is 11! I made him a lovely plate of brownies which I shall photograph and put up later (if he hasn’t eaten them all yet!) I’ve also been planning my trip to Dublin, I shall be going over next month to stay with my oh so cool cousin, Shelly. So let me know if any of you are in Dublin 🙂 I reckon I need to cheer myself up with a mini holiday after not having enough money to go to Paris Fashion Week!

Okay well I should be off to help out with festivities but I shall blog later about this evening.

Love you all xo


Baroque and Roll

September 28, 2010

Something noticed from the catwalks last week was a raging raise in the amount of artistic influence in historical art work. Now of course it’s common knowledge that fashion is inspired by art (much to the disbelief and and persistence of my boyfriend) but it’s never really been a case of one period of art over showing every design concept on the catwalks.

Baroque artwork was prevalent from the 17th to 18th centuries throughout Europe and now from New York to London has splashed back. It’s known for it’s use of exaggerated colour and texture to show emotion, when it’s seen in a fashion context it looks a lot more like it belongs in a painting or a museum rather than the downtown streets where most of the recent contemporary fashion is being seen (thanks for that, Satorialist).

From opulent brocade jackets, to jewel encrusted velvet dresses and breast enhancing bodices, baroque was seen in just about every fashion form, and it’s definitely not going to disappear. With the economy making a boost back to normal, perhaps elegance is back and it’s goodbye to the tin foil and plastic that was becoming such a pattern on the runway.

The only foreseeable problem, from a fashion context, remains the inevitable theatricality of the nature of the clothes, how to look more ready to wear, and less like you have escaped from the dressing room of The Old Vic in Waterloo.  However Balmain revealed the answer with shifted skinny faded jeans and jewel encrusted blazers. One of my favourite shows from last week. Hope you are all good! I shall be uploading some of the latest style pics later on today.

Sophie xo


September 22, 2010

So I have not been the troopiest of troopers this past week when it comes to blogging, in fact I have been horrid. But now everyone is settling down from viewing those crazy collections and decided to do something sensible like watch Gossip Girl (I hope everyone is keeping up to date via megavideo – Oh my goodness, Chuck bring that girl to NYC what the hell?!) Anyway I have found myself suffering from an extreme case of fashion fatigue!  Do you? Here is my diagnosis of symptoms:

Extreme shoulder pain from luggings cloth bags of paper adverts,  leaflets, vitamin water,, free samples and magazines!

You begin to wave your receipt of your Sainsburys Shopping at the Customer Service Lady in the manner that you would wave your ticket at the PR of a show you’re attending.

You over analyse your outfit continually. IN YOUR SLEEP ON A MONDAY NIGHT.

You eat so many cupcakes and consume so many glasses of champagne that you become drunk and fat at the same time.

Your eyes sting with hangover of champagne and a combination of London air, lack of sleep and too many cupcakes.

You begin crying in public upon the realisation your jacket and shoes don’t match (yes I actually did this at JW Anderson)

Your impractical choice of footwear results in a foot that throbs harder than my lust for Colin Firth.

Your life feels empty without pounding techno music.

So this week I’ve been jamming with Betty Jackson, JW Anderson, Acne, Louise Gray, Cooperative Deigns and too many cocktail parties to mention. WHILST dealing with my non existant birthday present from my boyfriend that is almost a month overdue, discovering the joys of old school 90210 and watching the new glee! I’ll be uploading pictures of my travels soon! along with those of my revamped bedroom and some reviews of my favourites of the week and some university discussions. LOTS for you to look forward to! Also I shall soon be changing my domain name but I shall let you all know where to find my blog.

Lots of Love


September 16, 2010

Hi blogopshere! 😉 It was a lovely sunny day at The Tate for me, working on my portfolio for Art and Fashion and discovering some new stuff. My favourites being, Bob and Roberta Smith, Fiona Banner, Clunie Reid, and Keith Arnatt.

So here are some of my favourites !

The rest of the day was spent with Gabbles as we went on a Gossip Girl binge, good times. Ahh Jenny is such a little skank.


Baking time

September 14, 2010

Decided I’m sick of rating fashion trends and all that shit, so from now on it’s a blog about mee oh how exciting. Today was a baking day with Weez Pirate we made pink cupcakes and played with the new SLR that Lily has lent me. It’s very pretty, it’s a Sony a330 and takes some lovely pictures I must admit.

Oh and for those of you that don’t know, I’m a model for Vidal Sassoon so get free hair cuts wooo. This is the newest one it’s apparently a criss crossed and layered Missoni do, how lovely. My boyfriend thinks it’s snazzy and I must say that I agree. So it was a lovely baking adventure fueled by pink icing and a 1950s professional icer.

Lovely girly photo times. Boys should just not be in our lives at certain times.

Sophie Wears:

Vintage silk paisley shirt – Brick Lane

Dancer Leggings – Primark

Uggs – Uggs

Over and Out.



Just a better picture

September 10, 2010

Just wanted to do a retraction of my photobooth photo and put in this one from the website which is far better 🙂


LFW – what are you wearing?

September 10, 2010

So as my twitter is so blatantly telling me, New York Fashion Week has quickly approached, now whilst I am here in London I’m getting excited about London having it’s own stab at the collections in a couple of weeks!

What shows are you going to? So far I know that I’m going to Louise Gray, Acne, and maybe a few others ! (:

But what to wear to London Fashion Week is really puzzling me, as I’m a fashion week virgin…. there I said it.

According to The Hills, you’re supposed to wear the designer, but as my budget is slightly below the price tags of the designers I am seeing, I think I’ll have to accomodate myself otherwise.

So far I think I’ve fallen in love with this playsuit, it’s £50 and topshop. But the material is gorge, and the florals are perfectly fall for the season’s collections that I’m going to be seeing!

It’s just the cliche of wearing topshop to LFW that is bothering me, so I might just have to go vintage on this one. We shall see and I’ll let you know.

Sophie Ryan is not a whore